Friday, August 26, 2016

A Few Bubbles From My Soapbox

Have you noticed that the people who are upset with women who wear a Burkini to cover their bodies don’t seem to have a problem with Nuns?

Texas economy has gone from 3rd in the nation to 21st under Governor Gregg (Hell-On-Wheels) Abbott.  I think it is time to roll his ass out the door?

After listening to Trump supporters imbeciles mouth off, I am a firm believer in Voter I.Q. laws over Voter I.D. laws.

I wonder if people who say they are tired of politicians being involved in politics also have decided to see car mechanics instead of doctors when they are ill.

It is obvious that people who don’t believe in evolution haven’t evolved at all.    

I do believe swimmer Ryan (I'm Just Stroking Ya) Lochte has a future in politics.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Another Harraumph Day

Really I think this hump is more like the ASSHOLE of the year.  Texas Lt. Governor Dan (All Mouth, No Brains) Patrick is proposing to cut $345 million dollars out of the budget that goes to help poor students in college.  Little Danny says that if poor people want to go to college they should chose rich parents.  I did a little checking on Dipshit Dan’s educational history and found that he claims to have gone to Smithfield Barber College on a football scholarship. I’m pretty sure this is a lie because I don't think he got past the seventh grade.

A contender in the Despicable Rotten Human Being of the Year award is Heather (Major Drug Dealer) Bresch.  She is the CEO of the Mylan Pharmaceutical company cartel.   They just raised the price on a life-saving drug that stops allergic reactions known as EpiPen from $56.64 to $317.82.  Little Heather also gave herself a raise of $18 million dollars.  She is evidently allergic to being poor.

Donald (Little DICK-tator) Trump’s new campaign manager pimp Kellyanne (Highly Paid Professional Liar) Conway says that there is hidden Trump vote that is not captured in the polls.  I think we have found them.

Speaking of Trumpy-poo. It looks like he wrote the note from his doctor on how healthy he is.  The main clue is that it was signed, “My doctor”.

Dave Ward is leaving KTRK in Houston after 50 years on the air. Dave has said he was shown the door at KTRK.  KTRK says that is because Dave didn’t seem to know where it was.

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday Musings

The Governor of Louisiana had asked that President Obama, Hillary and Trump not come down to his state because it would only be a distraction from the actual helping of the families in need.  President Obama and Hillary of course complied, but Little DICK-tator Donnie who has never passed up a photo op, jumped on his All Hot Air Force Uno and immediately flew to Louisiana. 

By looking at the gushing on FaceBook from the Trump Supporters imbeciles you would have thought he had cured cancer, but all he did was show up and hand out some socks and a box of play dough for kids. One of my favorite gushes, and you have to say this in a high whinny voice, was “well, he was doing something”.  Yes he got his picture taken and that was all he did. Mr. Hugely, incredibly rich, didn’t leave a dime. What an asshole.

Look who is advising Trump on Foreign policy now.  It’s Dumber Than Palin Michele (I’m Happy, But My Husband Is Really Gay) Bachman.  

Michele thinks that all Muslims should be sent back to Muslim.

I came across a great article titled “Dear Republicans, you deserve this.” You might have seen it, but in case you missed it, you can read it here.

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Every Picture Tells A Story

Now we know why Trump calls his penis Waldo.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Picture Is Worth A Lot Of Words

This name is so dumb even I don’t have a snappy retort for it.

I stopped and asked if I could just drop them off and pick em’ up later.

Right out of the Trump Road Atlas.

Why Congressmoron Louie (I Really Am As Dumb As I Look) Gohmert has been elected 5 times.

Just in case you have forgotten where the Republican Party found their nominee.


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Monday, August 15, 2016

Haters Gonna Hate

I like Hillary Clinton.  I believe as President Obama said that she will be the most experience President this country has ever had.  I know that there are people who dislike Hillary and that is fine, so don’t vote for her, but there are other people out there who really hate Hillary.

These boneheads think that Benghazi is the worst thing that has ever happen to America.  They seem to completely overlook the FACT that 13 embassies were attacked and 60 people were killed under George Warmonger Bush.  That Clueless George and his War Crime cohorts started two useless wars where thousands of Americans were killed and that 911 happened on his watch even though they had intelligent reports of terrorist high jacking planes and flying them into buildings.   

They also buy into the Body Count which is hoax list that has been around for about 20 years that list anywhere from 35 to 50 people that the Clinton’s have supposedly had murdered.  So let me get this straight. Bill couldn’t even get a blow-job in the White House without being caught and dragged through a wich-hunt investigation, but they have had all of these folks killed and have gotten away clean as pin.  Yeah that makes sense.

These boneheads are down on the stupidity level of Trump supporters imbeciles and Jonestown Followers.  I personally believe that these people need to be required to wear a scarlet A for ASSHOLE around their neck or maybe a scarlet M for MORON.  Of course they shouldn’t wear both at the same time or folks might think they are Aggies.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

One Hump After Another

The perennial hump of the week of course goes to Donald (Little DICK-tator) Hump for his shot at Hillary with the 2nd amendment people quote.

Here in the Lone Star state the biggest hump of the week is Houston County Commissioner Steve (All Asshole And Nothing Else) Raddick  Slimy Steve said this week that some people in Houston liked getting flooded out every so often so they could cash in.  He went on to say, “they frankly enjoy floods. They’d like to see a flood about every 7 years, because they want new cars, they want their homes redone.”

I do believe Scumbag Steve might take the lead in the race to see who is the biggest asshole in Texas.  I really didn’t think anyone could out do Texas Lt. Governor Dan (All Mouth, No Brains) Patrick.  After all little Danny is as useless as the legs on Texas Governor Dipshit Gregg (Hell-On-Wheels) Abbott.

Runner up honors go to all Trump supporters imbeciles.


Stay tuned for future adventures.